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10 Skills Every Person Should Acquire in his/her 20s

A. Hard Skills-

1. How to conduct data analysis- a skill I continue to apply even as I lead my own venture to drive growth.

2. How to analyze processes- a skill I have learned to reduce inefficiency in organizations/depts.

3. Structuring problems- Organizations, people & problems are messy & uncertain. The ones who bring structure to madness often win the deal.

A. Soft Skills-

4. Structured Communication- Being to the point is a golden skill to have in a world where people can't stop speaking!

5. Listening- The best communicators know when to shut up and rather spend time listening and understanding others.

6. How to win friends- This comes when you have a "give" mindset than a "take" mindset- most people have latter.

7. How to manage relations- As cliche as it may sound, wishing people on their birthdays works like a charm, even after they have moved out from your active circle.

8. How to persuade- Having the art of making someone give you the job/promotion you have been eyeing for?

9. Upward management- Many people are obsessed with downward management. But as a young professional, you should be able to manage your boss's expectations and deliver on the same every time on output and optics both!

10. (Bonus Lesson) How to Learn- #Learning is a skill and a muscle you develop in your 20s. Never let the curious hungry child die within you since there is no end to learning!

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Author - Shatakshi Sharma, Cofounder Global Governance Initiative, Ex- BCG, Advisor, Tony Blair Institute

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